Four City Brewing Company


Shadetree Mechanic – Cream Ale – 5.5% ABV

Our easy drinking cream ale is brewed with flaked corn, Cascade, Saaz, and Citra hops are subtle on the finish. Light and crisp, this beer is one you will com back to again and again.

Pulaski Skyway Porter – Baltic Rim Porter – 8.6% ABV

A collaboration between New Jersey Homebrew Club, NJ Hopz and Lead Brewer Joe Vitale is a Baltic Rim Porter fermented on lager yeast. Smooth, rich, roasty and slightly sweet.

Side Dish Sour – Cranberry Sour – 5% ABV

Just in time for Thanksgiving, our Side Dish Sour is a Berliner Weiss with a 50/50 mix of 2-Row and White wheat. Fermented on 400 pounds of cranberries, this sour has a dry finish that tastes just like the juice of your favorite Turkey Day side dish!

Brick Church – Dark Wheat Ale – 7.5% ABV

Our dark wheat ale is named after the iconic East Orange landmark just minutes away from our brewery. Beautifully balanced between roasty caramel aromas and toasted malt flavors, this is an ale drinks like a stout!

7empest – Topaz IPA – 6% ABV

Named in honor of our head brewer’s favorite band Tool (playing in NJ for the first time since 2012), this IPA is dank and resinous with undertones of tropical fruit. Golden Promise, malted oats and white wheat enhance the silky mouthfeel.

St. Cloud – Belgian Style Dubbel- 8.1% ABV

Our Belgian style dubbel is absolutely heavenly! Named for the West Orange neighborhood home of The Brew Council tasting group (the precursor of Four City Brewing), this rich, full bodied brew is made with pilsner, pale and Munich malt. We added a generous amount of Belgian candi syrup to sweeten the finish. It’s the perfect beer for this time of year!

Gold Rhein – Light Lager – 4% ABV

We pay tribute to the brewing legacy of Orange, NJ (Rheingold Beer) with our take of the quintessential light lager. Best Heidelberg malt, flaked rice and corn mesh nicely with New Zealand Hallertauer hops and our house lager yeast. At 4% ABV, this crushable beer is an all day affair!

Eagle Rocktoberfest – Marzen- 6.5% ABV

Our first Oktoberfest seasonal beer is made with Best Heidelbrg, Munich & Caramel malt and Tettnang hops. Named for another West Orange landmark, this beer has a sweet, maltly breadyness in flavor followed by a clean and refreshing finish.

Raspberry Letter #4 – Raspberry Saison – 6.2% ABV

Inspired by the classic Brothers Johnson song, we introduce our variation of our South Mountain Saison. We mix the farmhouse funk with the sweetness of fresh raspberries!